Scotsman's first signature drink

SCOTSMAN JOE - The first signature drink by Scotsman Ice

In collaboration with Claudio Perinelli, a famous italian bartender owner of "Soda Jerk" cocktail bar in Verona, Scotsman Ice has created the first and unique signature drink.

The whole process was very exciting, from the beginning where we studied the ingredients, to the end during the cocktail tasting. We used our Nugget Ice, the only chewable ice invented by us in the 70's - 80's. Nugget Ice is compressed flake ice available either in regular micro-cubes or irregular chips, it is long lasting and easy to use. Furthermore the cocktail at the end is smoked with a unique technology you can study in the video. We look forward to let all our customers taste it!

Here you can watch the video with Claudio Perinelli and below the recipe: 

Ice: Nugget & Gourmet Ice

* White Rhum – 45ml
* Fresh Lemon Juice - 40ml
* Yellow Chartreuse - 10ml
* Raspberry Puree - 35ml
* Absinthe - 2 Dashes
* Cardamomo Bitter – 2 Dashes
Method : Shaken and smoked cocktail
Glass : old Fashion Glass
Garnish : Blackberry, Raspberry and Mint