International Coffee Day

01.10.2021: International Coffee Day

There is a world of possibilities when it comes to enjoying coffee. Coffee beans, side ingredients and brewing tools offer countless opportunities to explore the coffee world. At Scotsman we have a passion for coffee! 

From beans to powder:

  • FINE GROUND: Used in espresso coffee machines to assist in the extraction speed. Your espresso in 25 sec.
  • MEDIUM GROUND: Used in Cold Brew Tower to capture the essence of the  single origin coffee. It takes 7/8 hours to properly extract all the flavors.
  • COARSE GROUND: Used in Chemex to facilitate the coffee blooming and to counter the oily components to achieve a beverage balanced in flavors and aromas.

Which brew are you?

  • COFFEE MACHINES: It is normally used to prepare ESPRESSO BREW – LATTE ART and ICE COFFEE. Three fine preparations that add value to BLENDED drinks and SMOOTHIES.
  • COLD BREW TOWER: it’s the unique tool to fully extract all flavors from your ground. Cold brew coffee is the perfect base for COFFEE MIXOLOGY.
  • FILTER BREW: the iconic Chemex is used for filter brewing. Enjoy it as NORMAL BREW or COLD DRIPS with ice added into the jar.

Whatever style appeals you – brewed, dripped, filtered, pressed, blended, shaken, stirred – we fit the bill. Scotsman is official partner of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and exclusive ice supplier for WCE (World Coffee Events).

Let's celebrate together the International Coffee Day and let us inspired by some coffee recipes made by our ambassador Michalis Dimitrakopoulos. 

DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE BOOK HERE: https://scotsman-ice.it/coffee-inspiration/